At CG glamping we invite you to live experiences and get to know the natural beauties of San Felipe and its surroundings, with our personalized tour services.


Valley of The Gigants

One of the natural jewels of San Felipe, with cactus

more than 15 m and 1000-1500 years old, concentrated in a space of 100 hectares.

In this tour, we take you to the valley to appreciate the sunset and its colors, at the highest point, a bonfire is made there with chocolates, enjoying the desert.

South of San Felipe there are hot springs, a natural open-air spa with the sea of cortez as a landscape. Small natural pools, on the volcanic slopes, are naturally cooled by the high tide of the Cortes sea. At the foot of the hot springs you can practice snorkeling since several little fish come closer due to the temperature of the water in this area

Hot Springs


Salt Mine and Petrified Shells

mina sal .jpg
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A geological experience where you first arrive at the caves of the virgins, renowned for taking care of travelers before entering the path that leads to the mountain. Then we arrived at a part of the desert where thousands of years ago it can be clearly seen through fossils that the sea penetrated more than 40km into the land. Finally, we visit the salt mine, a 10km x 20km mine where more than 10,500 tons of salt are extracted every 10 days. We are going to walk in the pools and explain the process of making salt.

We enter the desert and travel the path of the famous Baja 250 race while enjoying the panoramas that San Felipe offers us: desert, beach and mountain.


Quad Desert Rally 

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Totoaba Farm

Visit of the most controversial farm in the upper Gulf of the Sea of Cortez, previously used for the conservation project of the vaquita maina. In this tour a little of the history of the fishing town of San Felipe and the current problems is revealed. From the dock we take a boat to get to the platform and visit its facilities. Meanwhile we observe the work of the biomariners and if you like, you can get into the corral and snorkel with the 500 totoabas.

Devil's Canyon

A whole day of hiking, where you can appreciate the flora and fauna of the oasis within the Devil's Canyon, with natural pools with crystal clear waters where you can bathe and enjoy nature. On the way we will find cave paintings and hopefully a bighorn sheep. On the descent of the canyon, we will enjoy a bbq with some drinks and at the end we return to San Felipe.

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